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Learning mobilities for teachers and students from 1st Vocational Lyceum Heraklion (1st EPAL ) 

the plan aims to improve students' interest in tourism by using mobile phones and implementing various activities to train them in different themes of tourism. The plan also aims to integrate new fields of knowledge into the curriculum and create a pedagogical platform to manage the educational process. The students will acquire a specialization in tourism matters and gain knowledge.

The professors will also try to integrate new fields of knowledge, such as agritourism, tourism marketing, and environmental impacts of tourism, into their curriculum after the project is finished.

Απόκτηση Δεξιοτήτων Πιλότου ΜΗ επανδρωμένων οχημάτων 

Learning mobilities for teachers and students from 1st Vocational Lyceum Heraklion (1st EPAL ) 

In Greece, there are two noteworthy types of business: organizations (A.E - organization constrained by offers, E.P.E-restricted risk organization) and associations (O.E-general organization, E.E-constrained organization, quiet partnership).Also, there are different structures a business can take: joint endeavors, single merchants, branch workplaces of remote organizations

Ερευνητικές Εργασίες στην Τεχνολογία 

προσόμοια - μάθετε τα προσόμοια - βυζαντινή μουσική 

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